Monday, April 19, 2010

Hunting with Lucy Dog

While Lucy and I were outside watering plants in the gardens this afternoon, a chipmunk ran past her. I turned to aim the hose more accurately at a plant, then turned back to check on Lucy. There she was with a tail hanging out of her mouth.

Lucy dog proudly held her catch in her mouth while wagging her tail at me. She dropped it on command. We went inside, got a bag and said our goodbyes to the chipmunk. Thankfully, she did not roll on or eat it.

Who needs a cat when you've got a focused Retriever? Way to go Lucy dog!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stamps to the Rescue - Adopt a Shelter Pet - Ellen DeGeneres Show

I received the following disturbing email today:

"A new stamp is coming out the end of April called "Animal Rescue: Adopt A Shelter Pet Stamp" featuring shelter dogs and cats. The purpose of the stamp is to raise awareness to the millions of dogs and cats in shelters across the U.S. To launch the stamp Ellen DeGeneres is giving one million meals to shelters when people buy the stamps. The cost is the same as a regular stamp - 44 cents.

Money from these stamps is going to HSUS. Ellen has not been shy about her support of HSUS. Money given there will NOT go to animals in shelters. HSUS's 2008 tax returns revealed that less than 1/2 of 1 percent of their budget funds a traditional (dog/cat) shelter.

Money given to HSUS goes instead toward lobbying, anti-animal ownership legislation and attorneys.

Please DO NOT BUY these stamps and advise your friends to do the same."

My 'reply to all' in the email chain was:

"I am purchasing the stamps. While you may not agree on how the money is spent, it is still a good thing that it promotes adopting pets, many in desperate need of good homes. Several charities cannot return 100%. The mere fact that Ellen is giving money in return is good enough for me. She's an awesome individual.

Something doesn't sound quite right. I'd like backup research on this information you are circulating."

I promptly emailed the above to the Ellen Show. In the meantime, I received the following reply from the sender:

"People really need to start thinking for themselves instead of following the hapless Hollywood types. My suggestion, read the entire story and make up your own mind. As far as I'm concerned I support the local no-kill shelter directly. I really don't need Ellen to misguide me."

To which I replied:

"I don't see anything in your link about Ellen's stamps.

I found these articles on the stamp which do not say anything about HSUS:

In conclusion, to EVERYONE reading this blog:

Help me out here. Please leave a comment on this post and spread the word like myself and the "hapless" Ellen DeGeneres are doing. The lives of shelter pets depend on us.

PS: Purchase your Adopt a Shelter Pet stamp here to show your support.