Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who Farted?

I painted a cat's face and butt on the front and back sides of a pocket folder to showcase a mini portfolio of my art. My art will be featured during the grand opening of the second veterinary and rehabilitation offices of Loving Touch Animal Center. The facility is opening next month at Amsterdam Walk (corner of Monroe Dr and Amsterdam Ave) in (Midtown) Atlanta.

I came up with the title "Who Farted?" (front) or (back) for these paintings. The look on the kitty's face is priceless. The swooshing painted strokes and what looks like clouds of stink around butt on the backside made it apropos.

Do cats fart? I've never had one as a pet so I don't know. I'm thinking they do like dogs and humans. Phew!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Blues Traveler, Live and Collective Soul Concert

Just arrived home from an evening of musical inspiration at Chastain Park. (Actually, it's the wee hours on Monday. My how time flies.)

We saw one of our favorite bands from Priceton, NJ, Blues Traveler. John Popper is still rocking out with his harmonica. The other bands, Live and Collective Soul, invited him to play during their sets too. Blues Traveler's latest release, North Hollywood Shootout, is set for release on August 26. It's on my Amazon "Wish List". Their album, Four, remains a favorite.

We had not heard of Live from York, PA. Their last song had lyrics that included the words "rolling thunder". I'll have to look it up or if anyone knows the title and album name, please send me a comment to this post. It was beautiful.

Until we purchased the tickets, I hadn't heard of Collective Soul either. (Where have I been for the past 18 years?) I was fortunate to locate their 2007 album Afterwards at Target and have been listening to it for over a week. Their concert with the lighting effects reminded me of the Goo Goo Dolls. We saw them at Chastain last summer. Yes, I am now a fan of the Georgia rock 'n roll band, Collective Soul. yee-ha!

Here are two of my favorite Collective Soul songs from YouTube:


The evening was a wonderfully, inspiring event during which we thought of our good friend, Ray. Happy rockin' Birthday, Raymond, with many more to come!