Friday, March 21, 2008

Pet Peeves

Today's Illustration Friday topic is entitled "Pet Peeves". I knew I had to enter something for sure since I paint pets. I've selected my painting entitled "Catch of the Day" where the kitty has a whale of a fish in his mouth and proudly wears the fish hook necklace he caught it on. I call it: Cat-titude!

I enjoy cats for their individuality and mystery they bring us. One of my "pet peeves" about some cats is constant meowing when it is meal time. However, I view this behavior as "trainable". If pet guardians give into their cats meowing session, they develop the habit and meow until they get their food. Who's training who?

I'm not a cat guardian, however, most everyone I know trains their cat with a squirt gun filled with water. It doesn't hurt them just startles them and helps change the behavior.

Let's visit my "pet peeves" about the other domesticated furry companion--dogs. Yippee, I am a dog guardian! Lucy is such a joy. I like to keep it that way by not allowing her to bark and disrupt others. Again, this behavior is "trainable". If you cannot get the job done yourself, visit Bark Busters. I've heard they have an excellent program.

When you leave your dog out to bark, besides being a nusiance, you are making a bad name for that breed! When "would be" dog guardians go to adopt a pet, they remember the breed that constantly barked and sadly for the pet, pass it up at the animal rescue or shelter.

Another dog "pet peeve" of mine: Many people allow their dogs to use the bathroom in other people's yards when walking them. Even though they may pick "it" up, it's not their property to use. This is trespassing. Do you let your children play in other peoples yards? So why would you allow your dog to do the same?

When I take my dog, Lucy, for a walk, first and foremost, I take her AFTER she goes to the bathroom in OUR yard. The walk is for exercise, not a "marking" event. I walk Lucy either on the road or on a SHORT lead on the sidewalk. As her guardian, she is not allowed to "stop and smell the roses". She has plenty of time and space to do that in her own yard.

When you allow your pooch to "pay tribute" in other's yards, you never know for sure the consistency of poop that will come from your beloved four-legged friend. One day, I walked with another dog guardian and her dog dropped a load of DIARRHEA in another person's yard. The first words out of my mouth were "Is your dog sick?". The guardian indicated the dog had a nervous stomach the last few days and because of the consistency, was NOT going to pick up that particular "gift". Do you leave dirty diapers laying around for others to take care of? Your dog, your responsibility! Same holds true for public places, folks.

I find it disrespectful when people let their dogs frolic and do their duty in other's yards. Besides that, if the other dog has worms, Giardia, etc. and your dog sniffs his poo pile or child plays in the area, guess what? Your dog and/or child may end up with the condition too.

Now I realize there might be an emergency here and there. However, this is far and few between the "daily" regulars. Always bring that baggie along and please pick up no matter the consistency should this happen.

Let's face it, we love our pets. They are wonderful companions. However, pet-lovers or not, we have to respect the rights of others.

Above image: "Catch of the Day", (c) Susan Calvert, all rights reserved