Friday, June 26, 2009

GA Cat License Plate Tag

Feline Friend Plate Now Available
The Cat Tag is Out of the Bag

“The Cat Tag is out of the bag!” says Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin.

He is referring to the Feline Friend license plate (also known as the Cat Tag) which is now available at tag offices throughout GA. Proceeds from sales of the license plate directly benefit the Dog and Cat Sterilization Program (DCSP) which helps pay for spay/neuter procedures in GA.

The Feline Friend plate depicts a black-and-white tuxedo cat. The design was selected last fall in a statewide contest. “This license plate will appeal to animal lovers or anyone interested in supporting this important program,” says Commissioner Irvin. “And, it will look good on any vehicle.”

Georgians may purchase the Feline Friend or the program’s two other license plates (Buddy and Animal Friend) from county tag offices for a $25 one-time fee. More than $22 from each license plate sold directly benefits the DCSP. These funds are allocated only for spay/neuter procedures and educational outreach on this healthy choice.

Since November 2003, the DCSP has helped fund 47,185 spay/neuter surgeries in all 159 GA counties. 1,033 veterinarians currently participate. Any GA resident may benefit from the DCSP regardless of income. All funds earned through this program stay in GA and benefit pets here.

“In addition to improving a pet’s health, spaying or neutering decreases the burden on overcrowded animal shelters and saves taxpayer dollars. By buying a Cat Tag Georgians are helping stop pet overpopulation and the sadness associated with it,” says Irvin.

Sent by:
Humane Association of Georgia, Inc.