Monday, April 19, 2010

Hunting with Lucy Dog

While Lucy and I were outside watering plants in the gardens this afternoon, a chipmunk ran past her. I turned to aim the hose more accurately at a plant, then turned back to check on Lucy. There she was with a tail hanging out of her mouth.

Lucy dog proudly held her catch in her mouth while wagging her tail at me. She dropped it on command. We went inside, got a bag and said our goodbyes to the chipmunk. Thankfully, she did not roll on or eat it.

Who needs a cat when you've got a focused Retriever? Way to go Lucy dog!

1 comment:

  1. OH Lucy is such a great hunter! My dogs don't catch anything... well, Apple will eat dead lizards (tastes like beef jerky, I guess) and has been known to smack a seagull when she was lucky enough to get up in its face. But otherwise, they are not hunters... maybe they figure the outside animals are an extension of their inside critters... cats and hermit crabs. Or maybe they just figure if we want it, we'll catch it. They do love a good chase, though. My mom's akita used to catch moles and then they would have to bribe him with cookies.... her dogs now just chase things. But one day last spring there were baby frogs everywhere... you couldn't take a step without one being there... they ate a lot of frogs. I love talking about my dogs, my parents dogs, my sister's dog, your dog... cats too. LOL
    Keep the posts coming!