Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy 2012 from Lucy dog!

Oh my!  It's been a long time since I wrote.  Sorry for the delay.  I've been creating lots of new art in my Imaginary Friends series...

Our beloved, Lucy, is still with us, post cancer, and doing well.  YIPPEE!  She enjoyed the holidays, driving me crazy over her gifts.  Here's how...

You see, prior to her receiving a new "baby" (the word she knows for stuffed toys) or ball, I wash them in the washing machine to get the gunk off of them. It's a two-person job getting toys past her and into the wash machine.  Usually, Steve entertains her while I load up the washer.  Same holds true for drying. She has to be kept out of the laundry room while I put them up or in the dryer. Otherwise, she camps out next to the dryer until I open it.  Upon opening it, she practically jumps in to retrieve her toys.  Does this sound familiar to you?

Here is a picture Lucy's Christmas babies and balls that I placed on top of our hanging clothes rack to dry.  Lucy went bonkers the few days prior to Christmas.  She could smell them and was practically living in the laundry room the entire time.

Lucy's Babies & Balls
On the eve of Christmas Eve, I wrapped her toys in tissue paper while she was sleeping. The balls were wrapped separately from her babies. 

I placed her gifts around the fireplace and, again, Lucy went bonkers.  Her nose got the best of her.  She could not contain herself and dove in grabbing her gift.  She ripped the tissue paper and there they were, her favorites--tennis balls.  She had a chewing frenzy for a while.  Then we played fetch with them.

Christmas Day arrived and she opened up her other gift containing her stuffed babies.  Here she is playing with them.  (We saved the pig in the middle in the above picture for her as a gift for New Year's Day.  She gets a new toy on most holidays to keep her stimulated.)

Lucy playing with her babies
Lucy and I wish to thank all of our readers who follow our blog and post comments.  My New Year's resolutions is to write more this year.  Happy 2012!

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