Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Lucy

It has been a joyous day, indeed, in the Calvert household.  We have literally been having a ball celebrating Lucy's birthday. She turned 9 in dog years which would make her 63 in human years today. Woof!

On Saturday, we brought presents for Lucy; a 12 pack of tennis balls and a stuffed, squeaky toy. I brought them in the house and placed them on the top shelf in the laundry room without her seeing the bags. (I did this while she was on potty break with daddy.)

Low and behold, she came in the house after her break sniffing her way to her gifts.  Then she camped in the doorway of the laundry room EVERY DAY pining for them (minus potty breaks, meals and bedtime, of course) until this morning. Here she is:
She drove me crazy. She would get up and point to the bags. They were 7 feet in the air in closed bags for goodness sakes!

The morning of her birthday, (today), we were up and at 12:01 am, I gave her a ball. She played with it until we went to bed. This morning, I gave her the other 11 along with a stuffed, squeaky toy. The stuffed, squeaky toy came in second fiddle to those tennis balls. Lucy was fetching and playing ball all day. It was hilarious. (Steve couldn't understand why I gave her all 12 balls on one day.  I explained her birthday comes around once a year and knew she'd "have a ball" with all of them.)
At dinner time, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Lucy. She just stared at us. At the start of the third line, she ran over to the counter where her food bowl was sitting and pointed.  "Forget the song. I'm hungry. Feed me!", she said with her dog gesture.

We have been mighty blessed with Lucy for 9 years. She is always there to greet us when we arrive home with her ears laid back and wagging tail. She is a free, calming spirit of unconditional love.

Happy Birthday, Sweat Pea! You are the light of our lives.

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