Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Puppy Mill Owner Setenced to Jail

By Marla Pretty, Lake Oconee News

Eatonton, GA -- More than a year after Putman County Sheriff's Deputies closed a puppy mill along Reid Drive, its owner-operator has been sentenced to jail time.

Barry Davis was sentenced Tuesday to one year in jail and nine years of probation on 12 counts of misdemeanor cruelty to animals in connection with his July 2008 arrest.

According to Putnam Count Sheriff Howard Sills, Davis will serve the entire sentence in the Putman Count Jail. He is required to pay restitution of more than $4,000 to Putnam County for the care of more than 180 puppies, as well as court fines and fees. Once out of jail, he will be required to work 40 hours of community service.

Detectives, state Department of Agriculture specialists and a local veterinarian, showed up on Davis' property July 16, 2008, after complaints from neighbors about dogs barking. They found scores of animals sitting in stacked cages in a small building behind Davis' home.

PCSO Detective Tracey Bowen said more than 30 of the animals were in need of immediate medical care.

"The conditions of this place were horrible." Bowen said. The farther we go into the mess, the worse the animals conditions were. They were stacked up on top of each other in metal cages."

Davis told officials he purchased the dogs from a breeder in the Savannah area. Bowen said most of the puppies were not up-to-date on inoculation or rabies vaccinations and had heart worms.

Within two weeks, the puppies, including Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Shitzus, Pugs, and Poodles, brought into Putnam County Animal Control for evaluation were cleared and sent to local humane society groups to be adopted out. None of the animals were euthanized. However, two puppies died shortly after leaving - one of a congenital problem and the second from infection.


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