Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who Farted?

I painted a cat's face and butt on the front and back sides of a pocket folder to showcase a mini portfolio of my art. My art will be featured during the grand opening of the second veterinary and rehabilitation offices of Loving Touch Animal Center. The facility is opening next month at Amsterdam Walk (corner of Monroe Dr and Amsterdam Ave) in (Midtown) Atlanta.

I came up with the title "Who Farted?" (front) or (back) for these paintings. The look on the kitty's face is priceless. The swooshing painted strokes and what looks like clouds of stink around butt on the backside made it apropos.

Do cats fart? I've never had one as a pet so I don't know. I'm thinking they do like dogs and humans. Phew!!!


  1. Susie Sue!
    Of course cats fart! They can't burp :)
    Being a cat guardian (we're never owners), I have noticed this oderous phenomena on a few occassions. All too often it is directly linked to what we feed them. Feed nasty, get nasty! I suggest an appropriate diet for your feline friend. Find a high-quality food and leave the hotdogs behind! Also, keep kitty's stress to a minimum. This can lead to all kinds of oddities beyond this particular topic.

  2. OMG Leslie!

    After writing, I realized cats must blow wind. Just like us when we eat too much sugar or processed foods with nasty additives, preservatives and chemicals, they are bound to get a gut reaction. (Time for some probiotics.) I always say if you read the ingredient label and are unable to pronounce or picture it, it's nothing more than a science fair project.

    It stands to reason too that when kittys are upset, they're bound to pass gas. Again, just like us!!!

    I did not know that cats are unable to burp. I think their hairballs make up for it--ha! Thanks for teaching me something new today.