Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Installing Recessed Lights

Does working on my house qualify as art?  I'm qualifying it as so.  I haven't created any paintings in a week because of it.
I've been mudding and sanding drywall where there was once a door, marking up the ceiling to install recessed lights and drawing on the walls for furniture placement.
The blue painters tape on the ceiling marks the studs and the fan circumference.  Chalk marks the light housing. The dowels, 3 feet in length, mark the centers of the recessed lights.  I use them to double check the correct light placement, at least 3 inches away from the studs, in the attic.  They are easily seen poking through the insulation.

After the lights are installed, I'm having a painting party and you're invited. Sign up below in the comments section to help me paint this room.


  1. I never realized how involved it was putting in recessed lights but it looks like you are a well organized worker, I like that. I bet its gonna look great when you are done. What color are you going to paint the walls?

  2. I sang the song "Another One Bites the Dust" as I was drilling the center holes for the housing. I've got 3 more rooms to go with recessed lights. I put dimmer switches on all of them too to create a mooooood.

    The walls are going to be painted Snow White. Are you coming over to join my painting party? Two artists painting walls and a pitcher of margaritas. That would be fun! Plop! (That's me falling on the floor after drinking.)