Friday, April 3, 2009

PROJECT: New Art T-Shirt Design

On Tuesday of this week, I read Sunday’s newspaper (running late again) and noticed a cat show this upcoming weekend, April 4-5. Lucky me, there was ONE booth space still available. I’ve been scurrying like a chicken with my head cut off getting ready for this show. I came up with this new saying for my cat and dog t-shirts and decided take the risk in creating a few of them.

Hubby says it won’t sell. I say YES it will (thinking pawsitive) ‘cause I think it's hilariously funny. Everyone poops and everyone farts, even our pets, and after, they're still our little angels. Here’s my previous blog post entitled "Who Farted?" on the subject.

Another inspiration for this saying came after a conversation with Justin at Nature’s Corner Market located at the corners of Kennesaw Due West and Acworth Due West Roads in Marietta, GA. I’ve shared with him I feed my dog, Lucy, a human diet of meat and produce.

Justin gasped upon hearing this and asked if Lucy farted from it. Fortunately, she doesn’t because it’s an unprocessed diet free of sugar and grains.

(*pause*—Lucy just arrived with two tennis balls in her mouth for me to play with her. She always seems to know when I’m talking about her. But when aren’t I talking about her? We have a love affair going on with her in our household. She’s such a beautiful spirit…)

Where was I? Oh, unprocessed human diet without sugar and grains for Lucy. Yes, that's right. I know what you're thinking...hear it all the time...

Where do you think pet food comes from? That’s right, from human food. For a real eye-opener on the subject, read the book entitled "Food Pets Die For" by Ann N. Martin. (Also, should you give your pets human food, some are toxic to them. One word: RESEARCH.)

So, for the third time, I feed Lucy a whole food diet. Yesterday, her meals consisted of:

Fuji apple
Flax seed
Coconut milk
(supplements: colostrum, probiotic)

Sugar snap peas
(supplements: multi-vitamin, fish oil)

Fresh turkey (neck, back, giblets)
Green beans
(supplements: glucosamine & chondroitin)

Lucy does not fart on this diet nor does she “scoot” her butt along the ground trying to express her anal glands due to being constipated. It’s pretty much the same as I’m suppose to be doing. No, I didn’t mean scooting my butt across the ground! I was talking about the diet--eating protein and non-grain produce.

Back to the original subject...Let me know what you think about my funky t-shirt saying:

Whiff this!

PS: Got a new t-shirt color for spring: Sky Blue.

(Should have bet the old man on this one--cha-ching!)


  1. I LOVE it. And it made me laugh. Poop is funny and I think people will buy it as long as they aren't uptight.

    Great job and can't wait to hear how the Cat Show goes.

  2. Hey Rob:

    Thanks for your pawsitive feedback.

    I couldn't agree more @ poop being funny, especially in our household. Hubby has Crohn's disease and only 1/2 of his intestines. He's always "perching". I'm always telling him to pal-lease shut the door and turn the fan "on".

    During the show set up, 3 vendors who I met at previously stopped by and giggled at the new design. They addressed me as the "funny t-shirt lady". Who remembers names these days???

    One of them looked at the strappy Nightmare Before Christmas tank with the Jack jewelry charm on it that I was wearing and said I still dress like a teenager. I told her I still feel and act like one. She made my day! I'm almost twice her age. Yee-ha!

    I'll let you know how the show goes.